5 Ways To Save Money When You’re Moving Out Of State

save moneyMoving long distance is one of the biggest tasks a family can do, as it requires so much time, preparation, and in most cases, money. Expenses increase the longer you travel, the more things you have, the mode of transportation, and can end in a costly bill. However, there are a few ways that you can make sure that your out-of-state move is as inexpensive as possible, so that you can sit back and enjoy the thought of arriving at your new home. Whether you’re moving for Military, for a job, for family, or just because, there are a few things you can do to save money on your long distance move.


  1. Don’t Pay for Moving Boxes

Though it seems small, moving boxes can easily add up to be a very costly aspect of moving. There are many venues where you can get free boxes; places like Craigslist, Liquor Stores, Garage Sales, and even Facebook often have unwanted boxes that you can simply grab and go. Check out our blog post on where to get free moving boxes, so that you can save money on your long distance move.


  1. Throw Out Everything that You Don’t Need

If you don’t use it, lose it! The less that you can bring on your long distance moving trip, the better. This means less space will be taken up, the moving truck will weigh less, and you will spend less time loading and unloading on moving day. Before that day arrives, be sure to plan in advance to go through all the rooms in your house and sort through your items. Make sure to check:

The Garage

The garage is often a place where items get forgotten. Old bicycles, outdated freezers, heavy tools, unused cleaning supplies, and more can be hiding in your garage. If you go through your garage in advance, you can get rid of the stuff that will end up weighing you down in the long haul. The things in the garage could also make you some money! You could sell valuable things online through Ebay or Craigslist, have a garage sale, or even post them for sale on Facebook. Things like car parts, scooters, bikes, ladders, tools, appliances and more can make you some extra money to put towards your moving cost.

The Bedrooms

Go through each room in the house and sort through all of the clothes, shoes, toys, decorations, and furniture, and decide whether or not you really need them. Sort things into piles: Give Away, Sell, or Keep.

The Kid’s Play Room

We all know the truth about kids’ toys. They gather and gather and gather until there is a mountain of cars, blocks, and stuffed animals that never get played with. Have your kids help out on this one, and let them decide which toys that they want to keep. For the toys that they don’t want, you can either give away to the Goodwill or to family members. You could even sell the valuable ones, like electronics or outdoor toys. This will save you money by making the truck space less heavy and packed and save you time by packing and unpacking.

The Kitchen/Laundry Room for appliances

Use your discretion when it comes to the appliances in your home. Sometimes, it is worth it to sell your washer and dryer and just purchase new ones when you get to the new house. Other times, it would be cheaper to move them with you. Ask your moving company what the best decision would be, and shop in advance for new appliances to see what the cost would be.

All of these unwanted things will save you money, space, and time on the move to your new state. Either throw out what you don’t need, give it away, or sell it at a garage sale or online to make some extra money.


  1. Pack Things Yourself

Save money on your move by doing it yourself. Throw a packing party with friends and family to get some help packing up your house, instead of paying for a company to do it for you. You can offer them free lunch, then get to have fun while packing!

Also, if you pack smartly, you can save money as well. Getting free newspaper is a great money saver, as the alternative would be store-bought bubble wrap or bin dividers. You could also use your towels to wrap things like dishes, china, or even bathroom accessories like glass soap bottles.


  1. Drive instead of Fly

When moving long distance, the question that always exists is, “How am I going to get there?” There are two options: driving or flying. Even though gas prices are high, you will end up saving money by driving your family out to the new home. Airline tickets can be as high as $300 for each person—depending on how big your family is, that could be a huge cost. You can also save money by driving because you don’t have to transport your vehicles through a car-shipping company. You can also take things that would have been on the moving truck—food, plants, extra boxes, suitcases—with you.


  1. Don’t Pack a Lot of Food

Try not to stock up on food before you move across states. Pack only the non-perishable snacks that will keep everyone happy and fed short term. Either use up or get rid of the rest of the food items in your fridge and pantry to save you money and space on the moving truck. Things like old cereal boxes, meat, fruit and vegetables, old pasta or canned goods, and other things are not worth the time and space to pack and move.


Moving long distance does not have to mean a huge dollar sign! If you plan ahead, take advantage of free things, and pack smartly, you can save a lot of money when it comes time to make the move.

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