6 Tips for Moving with Kids

parents with small childIt can be difficult to maintain a stress free move if there are small children in the mix.  You might feel constantly distracted with your attention divided between the moving process and caring for your children.  We’ve compiled a list of tips to help you stay cool throughout all the obstacles you might face while moving with kids.


Tip #1: Ask for Help

If other people offer their help for watching your kids, let them.  People understand that it can be difficult to handle everything without help, and they have likely been in your situation in the past.  Having someone interact with the kids gives you time to properly pack and organize your belongings without distraction.


Tip #2: Find Tasks for the Kids

Depending on the age of your children, you might task them with packing their own toys and small belongings.  This gives kids the opportunity to be a part of the moving process.  It helps teach children to care for their belongings and gives them a sense of responsibility throughout your move.


Tip #3: Prepare Yourselves for Moving Day

If you are leaving the state and have firearms or other restricted items, familiarize yourself with all applicable laws in the states you pass through.  Bring change and extra cash for any incidental purchases throughout your move, and pack an emergency bag.  This bag should have all essential medicines, toiletries, and extra clothes for you and your children.


Tip #4: Communicate Clearly with Your Children

Maintaining constant communication is so important while packing for your move.  Clearly marked and labeled boxes are a necessity.  Boxes for donation or disposal should be clearly labelled.  Double checking the items in the box before donating or disposing to ensure that valuable items weren’t inserted by mistake is a good practice.


Tip #5: Take Advantage of Their Sleep Schedule

Make the most of their downtime by packing and sorting through their toys and other items during naps or after dark.  This is a great time to get rid of old toys without any hassle from your children.  Plus, this is a perfect opportunity to identify items that you would like to donate or sell.


Tip #6: Don’t Underestimate the Energy Needed for a Move

Moving can be trying on everyone’s emotions.  With the excitement of a new living situation comes stress.  You’re dealing with the anticipation of a new home, having to live in a new neighborhood, and trying to finish to-do list that seems like it will never end.  Finding time to relax will help you release the stress that causes emotional tension in a family.  Don’t forget to take care of yourself, because keeping yourself healthy makes it easier to support your family throughout a move.


Relocation can be an exciting opportunity to organize your life and home.  With children in the picture, this can also seem like a stressful, worrisome experience.  With proper preparation and the right support, your move will be a breeze.  To ensure that your move is a stress free experience, contact Little Red Wagon Moving.  We’ve helped plenty of families have a smooth move, both local and long distance.

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