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Choosing the Right Storage Unit

Uprooting and moving your home can be stressful, but with the right moving company at your side and a solid game plan, the whole process will be almost enjoyable. During these transitional times in life, it can be difficult to have your next home lined up when you move out of your previous home, or you may be downsizing and need some extra space. Whatever the case may be, almost everyone runs into the need for a storage unit at some point during their move, but all storage units are definitely not created equal. This is why we have created a guide to pick the perfect storage unit to keep your valuables safe. Here are the top three things to consider when choosing a storage unit.


This is going to be one of the biggest factors determining what kind of storage unit you are in the market for. Between all the costs accumulated when purchasing a new home—closing costs, home repairs, and security deposits—your budget can be pretty stretched by the time you decide that self-storage is the way to go. Take a serious look at your monthly expenses and what you can afford, because most storage units have a base of about $75 a month for a 5×5 unit.


Whether or not your storage unit is conveniently accessible is going to be another big factor in determining what kind of storage unit you will need. With self-storage, there is already some flexibility built in, since you are responsible for moving all of the items in and out. Some storage facilities however, are closed at night, so plans of swinging by the unit to grab a few things for the new house after work may be stumped by a padlocked gate. 24/7 units are going to be more expensive, but depending on how often you will want to access your items and at what time of day it may be worth it.

Adequate Security

The final consideration is the level of security around the unit. This should be pretty high on the list of features that you are looking for in a storage unit. If a facility does not have a security system that you feel comfortable with, don’t waste your time and especially don’t waste your money. When browsing storage facilities, go out and take a look in person, or have a friend look into the facility for you. Things you are looking for are a durable fence, a modern access gate that is either guarded or has an entry keypad, and a surveillance system that can monitor dark or unusual spots on the property. Another factor to think about is insurance. Not all facilities have insurance, but if you are serious about keeping your belongings safe should something happen then opt for an insured unit.
The three points discussed in this article are a good baseline to start from when you begin your search for a storage unit. Other things you should be looking for are whether or not the facility was built recently, if there are any spots on the property that have standing water or look sloped and if the facility looks well maintained and clean. When you move with Little Red Wagon, you are not just getting our care and dedication during the move but also our expertise. You are part of our family when you work with us and we will do whatever we can to make sure your move is smooth from start to finish, including finding a storage unit you can trust. Contact us today for help with your move!


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