Hiring Packers: What To Expect

box with keyWhen hiring packers to secure your belongings, be sure to find a company with highly experienced movers that have years of experience under their belts.  When you find experienced packers, you can rest assured that your belongings will be handled properly and packed quickly.  Their job is to fill all boxes to the optimal amount, avoiding over packing and under packing.  Over packing boxes makes them too heavy to effectively move, and under packing boxes used more paper and packing materials to secure the loose belongings.  The experts are held to a high industry standard, so don’t fret when it seems like they are packing your items too quickly.  Upon entry, the packers will walk through your house with you, giving you the opportunity to voice any requests or concerns for specific items, like delicate and fragile items or keepsakes.  As soon as they see the collection of items in your home, they’ll form a plan and get to work packing your home.  Continue reading as we address some common questions for the packing process.


Where Do They Start?

Step number one should be to protect your home.  They frequently begin by protecting floors with some sort of covering.  After your floors are covered, they’ll bring in all the supplies needed to pack your home.  This includes boxes, cartons, paper, protective wrapping, and tape.  Once the supplies are in, they’ll split into different areas of your home.  One packer may work on collecting kitchen items while the other will tackle a bedroom.  By splitting up, the packers can effectively and intuitively pack items in a way that makes sense for each room.  This allows the packers to simply mark what room each box is from.  By the end of a full day of work, two packers can fill 100 to 150 boxes.


Will My Belongings Be Damaged?

Professional packers are trained to wrap and secure items through strategic placement inside a box.  As with any move, there is a chance that items may become broken or damaged.  However, it is important to note that damage to your belongings is much less likely to occur when using a professional packer than when you pack yourself.


How Can They Possibly Pack So Quickly?

Since the packers have no emotional or sentimental attachment to your belongings, they can quickly pack and secure all items in a room without going through them to determine if they’re worth keeping.  Be sure to communicate to the packers if you are not packing certain items for the move before packing day.  This saves time and money by allowing the packers to do their job without constant interruption.


Do I Need To Be At Home While They Are Packing?

Short answer: yes.  It is important for you to be present for packing in case the packers have any questions or concerns throughout the process.  Additionally, you should find another place for children and pets to be while the packers are working.  Often, small parts and pieces will be out loose during packing and disassembly of your furniture.  These small pieces can be hazardous to the wellbeing of your pets and children, so finding another place for them to be is recommended.


For any more questions about the moving and packing process please contact Little Red Wagon Moving to discuss your situation.

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