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Smartphone Apps to Sell Your Stuff Before A Move

Why waste money renting a storage unit for your unused belongings when you could take advantage of the internet and actually make money by unloading some of your unwanted things?  Selling items online is now easier than ever before, so whether you are downsizing or starting fresh in your new home, take a look at the following apps that will help you get rid of that old couch sitting in your basement.



This is one of the most popular peer-to-peer selling apps currently on the marketplace.  This free, easy to use app lets its users buy and sell items in their own neighborhood.  From shoes and toys, to electronics and furniture, Letgo lets you sell it all.  After posting a photo of the item or items you are looking to sell, you can chat with potential buyers privately in the app.


Use The Letgo App If: You want a simple and fast experience selling your items online.



To sell an item on 5miles, all you need to do is take a picture of your item, enter a description of the item, and post.  The cool thing about 5miles is that it uses your location to match you up with buyers and sellers near your area.  As an added layer of security, 5miles lets its users verify their identity through Facebook or by phone.  All sensitive contact information is kept private by 5miles.  To guarantee a good experience, 5miles allows buyers and sellers to offer feedback ratings after a purchase.  This app is a great one to keep after you move, since it also connects you with services and events such as garage sales, housing, and other local services.


Use The 5miles App If: You want a secure experience with added benefits after your move.



If you start packing your closet and realize that you have a lot of clothes that you never wear anymore, Poshmark is the perfect app for you.  Currently the largest social marketplace for secondhand fashion items, it gives users a forum for buying, selling, and sharing style with people of similar taste.  Much like the other apps, all you have to do is take a picture of the item you are selling and add a fun filter.  This picture gets posted for users to interact with, and contact you if they are interested.  After selling an item, Poshmark send you a pre-paid label with the destination address already complete.  The only thing you need to do is put the packaged item in the nearest USPS mailbox.


Use The Poshmark App If: You want to sell your unwanted fashion items with ease.



Gone is the go-to app for people looking to sell their old electronic items.  The best part about Gone?  They do the vetting and find potential buyers for you!  The only thing you have to do is provide information for the electronics you are selling.  With Gone, you don’t have to worry about what to charge, since they make sure that you get a good, fair price for your items.  After you are matched with the right buyer, Gone sends you a box and a prepaid shipping label.


Use The Gone App If: You have electronics that you want to sell with ease from your home.

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