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Tips for Moving Furniture Safely

When moving heavy furniture items without the help of a professional, you must take extreme caution to keep yourself and your furniture safe from harm.  In this post, we’re going to give you solid tips and major safety guidelines to familiarize yourself with before moving any furniture on your own.


  1. Disassemble Everything

The most difficult pieces of furniture to move are large pieces such as bedframes, wardrobes, sectional sofas, desks, dressers, and tables.  Naturally so, since many of these pieces exhibit oversized dimensions and incredible weight.  Additionally, the awkward shapes mixed with potential fragility and high value of antique furniture and family heirlooms adds stress to the moving process.  The easiest way to combat the added stress during the moving process is to disassemble your furniture as much as possible.


  1. Clear Plenty of Moving Space

The simplest way to avoid personal injury or damage to your belongings is to clear plenty of space around the route you are using to load your items.  Follow these tips for clearing a safe space:

  • Start inside your home and walk through all intended paths before moving any furniture. Use this walkthrough as an opportunity to identify any potential hazards or difficult areas.
  • If you’ve already started packing your smaller belongings, make sure that packing supplies and boxes aren’t blocking areas in your path.
  • Don’t stop at the doorway. Make sure that the entire path outside is also clear of potential hazards. If there is excess dust, mud, snow, or ice, you could be walking straight into a painful situation.
  • Remember, the clearer space you have, the easier it will be to quickly and safely move your furniture.


  1. Get Some Help

You would think this goes without saying, but countless injuries occur each year when people try to fly solo when it comes to moving heavy furniture.  No matter how light a large piece of furniture seems, trying to carry it yourself runs the risk of serious injury or damage.  It can sometimes feel awkward to ask for help from friends and family, but a coordinated team will be a safer and faster way to move your large furniture items.


  1. Get the Proper Equipment

The key to safe transport of your furniture lies in specific pieces of moving equipment.  The right equipment saves you time and energy, since it makes moving your furniture so much easier.  We recommend renting or purchasing the following moving equipment when you move objects without the help of professionals:

  • Furniture Dolly: this L-shaped, wheeled handcart makes it easy to balance and transport your heavy objects. If you decide to purchase a furniture dolly, rest assured that it will come in handy down the line.
  • Furniture Slides: these slides are part plastic and part rubber, which makes it easy to slide your furniture across a flat surface. Simply place a slide under each floor contact point (think legs and corners) and slide away!
  • Moving Straps: for more experienced movers and professionals, moving straps help direct the pressure of moving from your back to stronger muscles. Your wrists go through the holes on the ends of the straps, and the straps themselves are supporting the underside of the furniture you’re moving. They take some getting used to, so it’s best for inexperienced movers to stick with the furniture dolly.


Following these tips will make it easier to move some of your furniture items on your own.  If you aren’t confident or if you would like some help, the professionals at Little Red Wagon Moving are ready to handle your project.  Stay safe, and as always, lift with your legs!

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