8 Tips to Keep Your Next Move Organized

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You are in the middle of a move and everything is going wrong. Has the kitchen been moved? Where is the tape? When are the movers going to arrive? At this point, these questions and more are swirling in your head. Overwhelmed, confused, and at a loss, you are pushed to a breaking point.

At Little Red Wagon Moving Company, we understand how difficult moving is. As expert movers in Colorado Springs, we deal with the challenges of a transition on a daily basis. Scheduling, packing, and moving are all chaotic processes. If you feel overwhelmed at the thought of your next move, there are simple steps you can take to organize your process. 

1. Declutter Before the Move

Perhaps one of the most overemphasized pieces of advice is how to purge before a big move. Organizing and decluttering before moving alleviates future work and helps you understand how much property you will be moving. Make sure to be thorough with this step. Go through each room, every drawer, and all the closets. Consider what furniture you want to keep as well. Donate the purged items to a local thrift store.    

2. Craft a Moving Binder

If you have never heard of a moving binder, now is the time to utilize one. All you need is a three-ring binder, dividers, and page protectors. Make a category for each tab. The kinds of tabs in the binder will vary from person to person. Some ideas for sections include contracts, checklists, day of, and before the move. This collection of documents will be your Rosetta Stone; a reference point to address any confusion or problems as they arise. 

3. Generate Custom Checklists for Packing

Checklists and to-do lists are perfect for tracking progress as you accomplish tasks. The more customized and specific you make the checklists, the more streamlined the process will be. If you feel that you need some help with this, there are tons of online resources you can print out. Common ideas would include a declutter checklist for moving, a moving day checklist, and a what to keep when moving checklist.

4. Implement a Labeling System for Boxes

There are so many different options to pick from when you decide to label your boxes. The traditional preference is to label the corresponding room on each box, but there are other, more efficient options available. Consider color-coding boxes or utilizing colorful tape to differentiate each location i.e. blue = bathroom, orange = kitchen. 

5. Inventory Each Box

As tedious as this sounds, it will make unpacking a dream. Collecting items that are similar like books, clothes, decorations, dishes, or technology makes this process much simpler. The main point of this tip is to be mindful while you pack. Sloppy packing results in broken property and a long reorganizing process after the move. Keep track of the contents of each box, document them, correlate them to your labeling system, and put this information in the binder. 

6. Set Aside an Essential Moving Supplies Box

Another tried and true method when organizing for a move is to set aside essentials before everything gets packed. Include additional tape, scissors, your binder, extra clothes, toiletries, important documents, medications, your ID, trash bags, tools, and other relevant items. 

7. Strategically Pack Difficulty Objects

Hangers, cords, and other oddly shaped things can become a real nuisance when moving. To alleviate mid-moving stress prepare these items by packing them consciously. Bag cords and label what they go with. Group hangers and keep them away from other belongings that may snag on them. 

8. Compile Resources for Before, During, and After Your Move

Keep these essential resources in your binder. Include contact information for your movers, your new address, utility companies, the post office, and other people who will be involved in your transition. Make sure that you are actively collaborating with the necessary parties to avoid confusion throughout the process.

Streamline Your Next Move | Little Red Wagon Moving Company

Whether you are moving quickly or have a good amount of time to relocate, organizing before a move is crucial to ensuring a smooth transition. Little Red Wagon Moving’s team of friendly movers is equipped with the skills to streamline, simplify, and complete everything for you from start to finish. As full-service movers in Colorado, we take care of everything for you including packing, moving, and unpacking. All you need to do is relax! Take the stress out of moving and contact the happy movers at Little Red Wagon Moving. 

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