How to Move Out of State on a Budget

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Planning to move out of your home state is a stressful and challenging process, particularly when you’re on a tight budget. After all, whether you’re relocating for a new job or need a change of pace, packing and hauling everything you own to an entirely new state is not cheap! 

You’ll likely need to buy multiple storage containers, rent a hauling truck, hire a moving company, and even take time off work to lug everything to a new home. Thankfully, it’s possible to cut back on your moving expenses and save yourself good money when moving out of state on a fairly tight budget. 

At Little Red Wagon Moving, we provide fairly priced moving options for Colorado Springs residents planning on relocating out of state. We can help you by providing efficient, stress-free, and enjoyable moving support suited to your budget limitations.

As a professional moving company, we’ve helped many customers move out of state safely and cheaply. Our local team will treat you like family and provide stress-free and affordable relocation assistance, including helping you prepare a move-out cleaning checklist for your old home.

So, if you’re moving out of state on a budget and need help cutting back on your expenses, please read through the steps below to save yourself money when relocating to your home.

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1. Declutter Your Home

Look through your home very carefully and identify any potential clutter before packing. Most people own tons of items they rarely use, such as old DVDs, CDs, and books they’ve already read. Getting rid of these unnecessary belongings can streamline your move and minimize expenses. 

What kind of things should you get rid of before moving? Anything that you never use, such as old clothes, tax paperwork ten years or older, ancient appliances, broken computer monitors, and anything else that just gets in the way. Gather and sort your clutter in various containers and get rid of it all.

Does that mean throwing everything you collect into the trash? Not at all! You can recycle paper, plastic, and other materials instead of chucking them in the dump. What about clothing and appliances? Set up a garage or yard sale, or even donate them to your favorite local charity. 

Though you might not make a ton of money selling this clutter, every little bit helps! In fact, you can use the cash you earn to fund your relocation. Clever money-making schemes like these can make moving out of state on a budget much easier to handle.

2. Find Cheap or Even Free Moving Boxes

Buying storage containers will be one of your most significant expenses when moving out of state. Thankfully, you can find free or inexpensive moving boxes by tapping into many sources. When used correctly, this step reduces your relocation costs and helps you stay on budget when moving out of state. 

Start by asking your friends and family if they have any old boxes you can use. Some may even have large Tupperware containers lying around that they can give you. These sealable tubs can protect sensitive items and stack comfortably on each other, making them easy to haul.

If you still need more containers, look to various community groups, online marketplaces, and local stores. Often, large retail companies and bookstores throw away dozens of cardboard shipping boxes daily and won’t mind someone like you taking them off their hands. 

When all else fails, you can sign up for the U-Haul Customer Connect Box Exchange program. After signing up, you can enter your name and location into the search bar and find free moving boxes near you. Typically, these boxes are used, so keep that in mind before packing them.

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3. Pack Items Yourself to Cut Down on Extra Expenses

While we at Little Red Wagon Moving are happy to help you pack, we know it’s an extra expense you may not want when moving out of state on a budget. If you’re truly on a tight budget when moving out of state, packing everything yourself will reduce expenses. 

However, it will require more time and effort on your part, which is why so many people want packing services in the first place. If you’re committed to self-packing anyway, recruit friends and family members who can streamline this process and ensure it goes as quickly and efficiently as possible.

While packing quickly may save you time, avoid rushing and packing sloppily. Sort items into boxes based on size, weight, and location. For example, keep kitchen-related gear in one box and bathroom items in another. Label each box with packing tape and a marker to avoid confusion when unpacking.

Also, if you plan on packing for your move without help, pay attention to item and box weights. Trying to move heavy objects and boxes by yourself can cause severe physical strain. Keep your packages between 20-40 pounds to avoid injury and minimize weight-related box damage. 

4. Other Steps to Consider

Did you know that companies like Little Red Wagon Moving may charge less for weekday moves? It’s true! So many people try to move on the weekends that we’re often willing to provide discounts for moving on these days. It helps free up our weekends a little and saves you good cash: a real win-win!

Which days save you the most money? Typically, few people move during the middle of the week, such as Wednesday and Thursday. As a result, booking during these days may provide you with the most significant discount. Note that this money-saving benefit will vary depending on our availability.

You can also identify employee relocation packages that may help you move more cheaply out of state on a budget. Even if your employer doesn’t provide support, the federal government may help. They have programs that can pay for house hunting trips, some real estate costs, and shipping expenses. 

Research your options here and apply to any programs suited to your needs. What could it hurt? After all, this money typically comes free of charge and doesn’t require repayment. That’s a huge benefit that can make relocating to your new out-of-state home a little easier to handle.

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Questions to Ask Movers That May Save You Money

Working with a professional team like Little Red Wagon Moving can save you time and effort when moving out of state. But can it save you money? Absolutely, especially if you ask the right questions. Make sure that you ask us these and other money-saving questions before planning your relocation:

  • What’s your typical budget?
  • Do you provide free moving containers?
  • What kind of discounts do you offer on out-of-state moves? 
  • Will you work with my employer’s relocation package?
  • Are you insured for any damages?
  • Can you reduce the number of workers on my move if I help you unload?

Our team of Happy Movers can answer all these questions and provide you with the support you need. Whenever possible, we’ll find ways to save you money when moving out of state on a budget. This dedication to our customers showcases why we’re so popular in the Colorado Springs area.

Little Red Wagon Moving Is a Great Professional Moving Company for Your Out-of-State Move!

Relocating out of state on a budget doesn’t have to be stressful or expensive. By following this blog’s tips and suggestions, you can cut back on unnecessary expenses and get your belongings to your new home. Just as significantly, you can move safely without damaging anything you own.

At Little Red Wagon Moving, we can help Colorado Springs residents move out of state on a tight budget. Our team can help you with residential and commercial support no matter where you’re relocating. Our Happy Movers will start by packing your belongings with care and respect.

Then, we’ll work within your budget while providing our trademark moving services. When working with Little Red Wagon, you can feel comfortable knowing we’re here to support every step of your move. If you have questions or need a free estimate, contact Little Red Wagon Moving!

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