Learn The Best Long-Distance Moving Tips

At Little Red Wagon Moving, we offer unprecedented moving services to the residents of Colorado Springs. We are a husband and wife team who embraces the authentic relationships we create with our customers. Moving indicates a new chapter in your life, and it’s an honor to be a part of your journey. When you hire us, you can rely on timely, respectful and affordable moving services.

Whether you’re new to Colorado Springs, are moving your office to the other side of town, or are preparing for an adventure in another state, our team is here to help make your move stress-free and fun.

Moving Out Of State Checklist

Moving can easily become overwhelming and stressful. It’s important to remember that this is a special time in your life, and to try and cherish as many moments as you can. When you follow a checklist, it helps keep you organized and stay on track for your move. It’s helpful to follow a checklist even if you’re just moving to another town, but it becomes especially useful when you’re preparing to move out of state.

Make sure to start your moving checklist two months before the big move. Moving is a huge ordeal, especially a long-distance move. If you accidentally leave something behind, you can’t just turn around and pick it up. Sticking to a checklist and following a plan will help your move go smoothly. If you follow some simple long-distance moving tips, you can gurantee to enjoy a smoother moving experience.

  1. Create a budget
    • Creating a moving budget helps you calculate how much money you’re willing to spend on movers and moving supplies. Ask possible moving company options if they charge by the hour or by the job. It’s also important to ask what their extra charges are so you know how to avoid them.
  2. Transfer health records
    • Set aside time to contact your doctors and request for your health records to be transferred. If you don’t have new doctors established in your new community, make sure to receive a copy of all of your health records so that you can pass them along when it’s appropriate.
  3. Contact your insurance provider
    • Certain states limit some insurances. One of the most important tasks you need to complete before you move is contacting your insurance provider and confirming if your insurance will work in your new state. If your insurance isn’t transferrable, speak with your provider and determine a new health insurance plan. The last thing you want to worry about is not being able to go to the emergency room because your insurance is no longer active.
  4. Plan your new home inventory
    • Go through all of your belongings and take time to decide what will fit in your new place, what you can donate, and what should be thrown out. Moving is a wonderful opportunity to deep clean and get rid of unnecessary items. Plus, maybe your new home is smaller than where you currently live. Make sure you map out your belongings and confirm that you have enough space for your furniture to fit.
  5. Create a priority box
    • If you’ve ever moved, then you know the pain of arriving at your new place and realizing that you have no idea where anything is. You’re too exhausted to go through all of your boxes, so you’re left with running to the store and buying any essentials that you may need.
    • An easy way to avoid this is to pack a box with everything you’ll need for the first few days, and have that be the first box you unpack. Include towels, a few dishes, bedding and a pan or two. In addition to the box, you’ll also want to pack a suitcase with clothing and toiletries to last you at least a week. This allows you to not worry about laundry when you first move into your new place.
  6. Change your utilities
    • Once you know your moving timeline, you can contact your utility company and set a date to disconnect your services. There’s nothing worse than receiving an avoidable bill because you forgot to end your utility services. Get in touch with your new utility providers and schedule an appropriate time for them to activate your utilities.
  7. Change your postal address
    • This is a task that slips many people’s minds. When you move, it’s necessary to notify the United States Postal Service of your new address so that they will be able to forward your mail.

Move With The Happy Movers

We’re known as the best moving company in Colorado Springs because we’re passionate about the work that we do. We treat your belongings as if they were our own, and understand that it takes a leap of faith to trust a company with all of your most important possessions. Our team has become known as the Happy Movers because we rely on family-centric values, and believe in forming authentic relationships with our customers. When you move with us, you become a part of the Little Red Wagon Moving family. If you’re planning to make a long-distance move, or want to know some more moving tips, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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