Long Distance Mover in Colorado Springs

Your best Long Distance Moving
Company in Colorado Springs

When looking for the best long distance moving companies, Little Red Wagon Moving makes your move a worry-free experience. Our team has experience packing and moving across the United States. We safely transport your household items so that you can focus on settling in to your new home town. Unlike the van lines, we will give you a reliable fixed price for your move. We will work with you to pick a drop off day and time all the way down to the minute.

Please call us for a free, on-site, no hassle quote at (719) 499-6285 for pricing and scheduling for out-of-state moves. We will be happy to help get you a free estimate for your long-distance move.

We offer a wide variety of moving services, so that you know you can trust every aspect of your moving day to a professional moving company. We want to be your full-service moving provider for today’s move and the next move. Our reliable, efficient team will walk you through the entire process so that you know exactly what to expect.

Out-of-State Moving - Long distance moving for your home

Whether you are moving for professional or personal reasons, a long-distance move can be an extra challenge. We have the expertise and experience to pack and drive your household goods safely across the nation.

Full Service Packing and Crating Solutions

Particularly in long-distance moves, your belongings must be securely packaged so that they make the trip in one piece. That's why we provide expert packing and crating services. We understand how belongings shift and move within a moving truck. We draw on experience to pack your goods efficiently and safely.

Antique furniture never goes on the bottom. Those little legs and wheels can't take the constant pounding. Fragile boxes are treated appropriately and placed in the truck with care. Your stand-up washing machine must have the shipping bolts in place. Details like this show how we go the extra mile and take special care of your things to assure the safe arrival of your belongings.

Furniture Moving and Assembly

We offer the best in furniture disassembly and assembly to help your move go smoothly. To pack our trucks efficiently, we bring the tools and skills to disassemble your large furniture. Your furniture will be loaded once by professionals, and unloaded at the destination.

Van lines might unload your furniture in a warehouse and put it on a different truck up to three times before you see it again. Some times you can even receive someone else's things. That extra unload and load brings more opportunities for damage. The best long distance moving companies have systems in place to ensure you receive your household items on time and in the same condition as before they were packed.

When we arrive at the new location, we can remove your goods and set them up in the room of your choice, just as they were before. We take the utmost care with your furniture to ensure that it is appropriately packed and crated to avoid scratches or dents.