Moving out of state or across the country? A big move like that requires thorough planning and preparation. From packing and transporting to unpacking at your new home, long-distance moves are not easy. With long-distance moving services from Little Red Wagon Moving, our team of professionals will handle everything to make your big move stress-free.

As a long-distance moving company in Colorado Springs, Little Red Wagon Moving transforms the moving process into a lighthearted experience. We are licensed interstate movers and have extensive experience performing long-distance moves safely. Our Happy Movers are dedicated to providing exceptional customer service and the utmost professionalism.

Whether your business is moving to another state or you found your dream home on the other side of the country, our passionate team is here to help. With long-distance moving services from Little Red Wagon Moving, you can have the peace of mind that all of your belongings will arrive safely at your new space

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There are many reasons you may be moving out of state. Maybe you want to find a new location for your business or move across the country to be closer to family. No matter your reason for moving, Little Red Wagon Moving provides exceptional long-distance moving services to make your move easy.

Residential Moves

Packing all of your belongings can quickly become overwhelming. Little Red Wagon Moving is here to help you every step of the way. Our Happy Movers will pack your entire home in an organized manner. We’ll do the heavy lifting so you can focus on learning about your new neighborhood and saying goodbye to your old home. Our long-distance movers will make sure that all of your belongings arrive safely at your new destination.

Commercial Moves

If you need long-distance moving services because you’re relocating your business, Little Red Wagon Moving has you covered. Whether you have an entire office building to move or you run a small business from home, our dedicated movers will make sure that your business is moved and set up as efficiently as possible. When working with our moving experts, you can rest assured that your office supplies, fragile items, and business materials will be moved in no time.

Small Moves

If you are moving out of a dorm or need to send a few boxes to an out-of-state family member, we can create a customized long-distance moving plan to meet your unique needs. Need to move your belongings out of your one-bedroom house, studio apartment, or storage unit? Our small moving services can help. At Little Red Wagon Moving, our long-distance small moves process will make your small move as streamlined as possible.

Our Long-Distance Moving Services

Moving is a monumental moment. The last thing you want to stress about is buying the correct moving supplies or making sure that you didn’t leave anything behind. At Little Red Wagon Moving, we pride ourselves on being a full-service moving company. That means we can handle every aspect of your move. To help make your move as stress-free as possible, we provide professional long-distance moving services to ensure you’re taken care of from start to finish.





Packing and Unpacking Services

One of the biggest hassles of long-distance moving is packing and unpacking all of your belongings. Fortunately, our professional movers are here to help you move into your new home or business faster. At Little Red Wagon Moving, our long-distance movers will pack all of your items, load them safely into our moving truck, and unpack your belongings in your new space.

No matter if you are relocating your business or moving into a new home, we can pack it all — big or small. We have extensive experience moving all sorts of items, including:

Car Shipping

One of the biggest long-distance moving challenges that people face when they’re relocating is getting their vehicle from Point A to Point B. If you’re not planning on driving your car to your new destination, the Happy Movers at Little Red Wagon Moving have you covered. Our team provides multiple vehicle transportation options so that we’re able to find the perfect solution for your unique needs.


Our team of expert movers is happy to pick up your vehicle and deliver it directly to you. As long as your neighborhood allows oversized vehicles and your street has enough room for a car carrier, this is a great option for those that don’t want to go to a delivery site to pick up their car.


If you’re interested in having your vehicle dropped off at an auto shipping facility, our knowledgeable team can discuss car shipping options with you. Some individuals prefer this option because the majority of auto shipping facilities allow car owners to store their car for an extended period before pick up.

Long-Distance Move FAQ

At Little Red Wagon Moving, we strive to make each long-distance move as stress-free as possible. To help you prepare for your move, our professional long-distance movers have curated moving resources to help answer your questions.

The cost of your long-distance move depends on the distance and amount of belongings you have moved. We are more than happy to provide you with a free moving estimate!

In accordance with state and federal laws, movers are not allowed to transport hazardous materials such as gasoline, fireworks, oxygen tanks, paint and lighter fluid. If you’re unsure about certain items, our team would be happy to go over a detailed list with you of what we can and cannot transport.

It’s important to provide an accurate moving date because that’s how we ensure that we’ll have employees and trucks available for you. If you need to change your moving date, contact us immediately and we will work with you to come up with a new date that works for both you and our team.

Changing your address when moving is crucial to ensure that all your mail arrives to you promptly. To learn how to report a change in your address, visit our page about reporting a change of address!

Yes, definitely. We understand that plants are one of the most fragile items to move because they require constant care and attention to make sure that they thrive during and after a long-distance move. Our team is skilled in moving many types of plants, and would be happy to relocate yours.
While we’re headquartered in Colorado Springs, we’re happy to help you complete your long-distance move anywhere in the country
Of course! At Little Red Wagon Moving, we’re proud to offer free moving estimates. Contact our team today and we’ll begin the process of evaluating your long-distance move.

Our knowledgeable moving team is proud to offer packing and unpacking services for our customers. Whether you’re moving your business or your home, we’ll treat your belongings as if they were our own! At Little Red Wagon Moving, we’ll make sure that your belongings arrive safely at your new destination.

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Make Your Long-Distance Move Easy With Little Red Wagon Moving

Are you moving to a new state? How about across the country? With long-distance moving services from Little Red Wagon Moving, long-distance moving has never been easier. As a licensed interstate moving company in Colorado Springs, we have all of your moving needs covered.

With our friendly support, moving resources, and long-distance moving services, you will start this new chapter of your life stress-free. Whether you’re relocating your business or have decided to move to your dream home in another state, our experienced movers are here to help.

As a family-owned and operated moving company located in Colorado Springs, we’re thrilled to offer our knowledge and experience to help make your long-distance move as easy as possible. If you’re ready to learn more about our long-distance moving services and how we can help you, contact Little Red Wagon Moving!

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