Moving During COVID

Moving During COVID

From packing and loading to making travel arrangements and working with vendors, moving is already a stressful and complex process. COVID has taken this already challenging life transition and introduced many more levels of complication. There are so many unknowns when moving during COVID like keeping things sanitized, being in close quarters, and limited air flow. How will you know if your moving company is safe? Have they sanitized their vehicles? Are their employees healthy? So many factors can weigh heavy on the mind and add even more stress to moving.

As the Happy Movers at Little Red Wagon Moving, we strive to provide the best resources and services possible.  Being professional movers in the Colorado Springs area, we take family seriously; both our team and our clients make up our family unit. Together, we are going to answer difficult questions that arise for many of our customers that are moving during this trying time to alleviate some of the stress COVID creates.

Are Moving Services Essential?

As you are getting ready to move, you may be wondering “do movers count as essential workers?” The short answer is yes! Many people simply cannot move themselves and require professional moving services. This is especially true for larger families, people with many belongings, businesses, the elderly, people with disabilities, and the list goes on. 

Is It Safe to Hire Movers During COVID?

Hiring a moving company is a big decision. If you have considered a moving service in the first place, you most likely need one. Rarely do people look for a service they do not normally need, especially during this pandemic. The fact that you made it to this blog shows you have made the right decision to research moving options! Given the situation with the pandemic, it is a good idea to ask potential moving companies what their safety policies are and if they are COVID compliant. This will help you understand what you need to do to help keep everyone safe during the move and pick the best option for your situation.

What to Expect on Moving Day During COVID

Since you have asked your moving company what their COVID policies are, you can prepare as needed. It doesn’t hurt to take this opportunity to express your preferences to the moving company to make sure expectations are set when moving day arrives. 

Depending on what type of moving services you’ve requested–full service or simply a truck rental–moving day will look a bit different during COVID-19.

For full service moving companies, you simply have to wear a mask and keep distant from the movers as they load and pack your belongings. During the day-of, a COVID-compliant moving company will be wearing masks and keeping 6 feet apart. They will also be implementing surface sanitization where necessary. It is common practice for these types of moving companies to sanitize between moves. 

Whereas with a truck-rental-only company, you may want to stack the prepacked boxes in easy to reach areas for ease of moving and ensure that pathways are clear (in addition to taking proper COVID precautions for anyone participating in the move outside of your household).

Moving Day Tips for COVID:

  • Check your moving companies COVID policies ahead of time to avoid misunderstandings.
  • Have and wear a clean mask. Anyone who will be home with you needs to do so as well.
  • Stay socially distanced from the moving team.
  • Wear gloves if you have access to them.
  • Open the windows and doors (if possible) to maintain natural airflow.
  • Guarantee you are feeling well before having the movers over.
  • Do not pack all the hand soap and hand sanitizer, leave at least one of each out and available for use. 
  • Avoid using free or recycled boxes from sources outside your home if possible. If you must use these types of boxes, let them sit for at least 3 days before filling them. 

Move Worry-Free During COVID | Little Red Wagon Moving

Now that we have explored your COVID questions, let’s talk about hiring a moving service. Here at Little Red Wagon Moving we want to pack, deliver, and unpack your belongings with the utmost care. As a full service moving company in Colorado Springs, we want your next move to be worry-free. Schedule a free estimate today to start your moving process!

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