Moving Services for Colorado Springs

At Little Red Wagon Moving, we specialize in fresh starts. As a family-owned moving company, we are passionate about partnering with individuals and families in Colorado Springs to make their moves stress-free. While moving is an exciting time, the planning, packing, and moving of heavy boxes and furniture can quickly sour the experience. That is why our team will partner with you from start to finish on your move. Starting with packing your first box and ending with arranging your last piece of furniture, we will dedicate our years of moving experience to ensure that everything is taken care of. As full service movers, we are your resource for all things moving. Whether your small business is relocating or you are moving across the country, we are happy to help!

Types of moves

Residential Moves

Moving to a new home is an exciting and big decision. Whether it’s your first big move into a college dorm or your last into a forever home, our team at Little Red Wagon understands that each move is unique. Our professional team of friendly local movers will use their expertise and knowledge to ensure your move is a streamlined and stress-free process. So while the thought of packing up your entire home can leave you feeling overwhelmed, the happy movers will change that with our cheerful and thorough residential moving services.

Commercial Moves

Commercial moving is an exciting step for any business. Whether you are moving into a bigger space for your growing business, or seeking different opportunities in a new location, our team of moving experts is here to help with all of your commercial moving needs! Our professional movers are equipped with experience and knowledge on how to safely pack, move and unpack all of your office belongings. We will keep your office move organized and streamlined so that you can get back into operation quickly with minimal loss of working hours.

Long-Distance Moves

Moving out of state or across the country can make the hassle of moving even more stressful. With making multiple trips out of the picture and your belongings having to endure an extended travel time, your long distance move will require careful planning and preparation. As a full-service moving company, Little Red Wagon will alleviate your stress through our thorough moving services. From packing up all of your belongings to ensuring that they safely arrive at your new home, your long distance move will become easy with the help of the happy movers!

Packing And Unpacking

One of the many benefits of working with our energetic team is that we offer packing and unpacking services. In an effort to take the stress out of your move, we will take on the task of packing and unpacking your belongings. Our team of professionals uses their expertise and knowledge to create a seamless packing process. Once we have carefully moved all of your items to your new location, we’ll unpack all of your belongings for you. The burden of having to live in a mountain of moving boxes after your move will be taken away by our expert team.





Moving Resources

At Little Red Wagon Moving, we understand how big of a step moving is. Do not let the hassle of a move overshadow the excitement of a new home or business location! We have gathered a collection of helpful resources to alleviate some of the stress that comes with these big changes.


Little Red Wagon Moving is dedicated to being your go-to movers. Which is we have committed to providing Colorado Springs residents with education on all things moving so that their next move will go smoothly.
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Our team has created a list of our favorite local Colorado Springs companies who will help you with your move.
Moving Resources


There are so many details that need attention when moving, and it can be overwhelming to figure out where to start. For your convenience, Little Red Wagon Moving created a comprehensive moving checklist to guide you through your move.
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Our Service Areas

At Little Red Wagon Moving, we are proud to serve the residents of southern Colorado by taking care of all of their moving needs. Whether you are settling into your brand new home in Colorado, or are starting fresh by moving to another state, our happy movers will help you every step of the way!

Arrive at Your New Home Safe and Sound

As the happy movers, our experienced team at Little Red Wagon moving will do everything we can to ensure your move goes smoothly. Whether you are moving down the street or across the country, we are committed to providing a full-service moving experience. If you are ready to take the stress of moving off your shoulders, give us a call, we are happy to help!