Packing Tips for Moving in a Hurry

Sometimes situations arise where you find yourself in a hurry to move–it could be your lease came up suddenly or you only have a few days to move. Moving quickly can be a stressful situation but regardless of how it came to be, we’ve created a simple guide to help you efficiently move in a time crunch.

Here at Little Red Wagon Moving, we understand how precious time is when in a hurry, this is why we started our locally-owned Colorado Springs moving company. As an efficient, professional full-service moving company, we can move you quickly and give you the resources and education for peace of mind during this often stressful time. Let’s explore some helpful tips on what to do if you’re moving last minute.

I Have to Move Now!

Alright, you’ve got to move! Moving is both stressful and exciting, especially when it needs to be done quickly. Before rushing to move, make sure that you have exhausted all your options for getting more time. If you have no flexibility, then it is time to start planning. Since time is of the essence, your plan doesn’t need to be super in-depth, just concise and actionable.

How to Pack Quickly Before the Move

If you’ll be moving in a week or less, it is good to have a packing strategy; by implementing a plan of action you will save yourself time and heartache on moving day. Here are some ideas of what to have on your packing plan so that you can box up quickly.

  • Set aside essentials you will need for packing: tape, markers, bag, boxes, etc. This will guarantee you don’t pack the things you will need during the boxing process.
  • Don’t overpack boxes! Overpacking can cause damage to items or even rip boxes.
  • Use unconventional storage containers as boxes. If you have bins, baskets, reusable bags, storage boxes, or suitcases, these can be used in lieu of cardboard boxes.
  • Go room by room. Since you are in a hurry, don’t try to organize as you go. Just pack! Label each box with its associated room so you know where it will go when it is time to unload.
  • When packing clothes for moving you can use them as padding for breakables or even leave them on the hangers as you pack them, saving valuable time in lieu of packing each breakable item with newspaper.
  • As you go through items to pack, set aside stuff that you don’t want anymore. A donation pile is a great asset to any move. Make sure this pile is out of the way so that it doesn’t get confused with the things you want to keep. Save handling this pile for last until after you move.
  • Packing dishes for moving should be one of your first steps. Pack the things you won’t be using between when you pack and when you move. It would also be good to pack a box or two of essential kitchen stuff you can unpack right away once you are moved.
  • Place packed and ready-to-go boxes out of the way in an unused space like the garage or another open space until moving day. 

Moving in a Week Checklist

Easy moving tips are plentiful on the internet, but you can often find yourself spending too much time researching moving tips and checklists versus actually moving. Below is a succinct list of tips for how to move quickly and efficiently on moving day:

  1. Get a rental van the night before so it is ready to go in the morning (this step is not needed if you are hiring a professional moving company.)
  2. Start early! Any time you can save by beginning the moving process in the morning on moving day will help in the long run and make each night shorter.
  3. Get everyone involved in the moving process together on time. It doesn’t matter if you hired a professional moving company or have friends helping, make sure they are on time!
  4. Assign people to rooms and go room-by-room.
  5. If possible, move the big furniture first. This will help you see how much room is available in the van and you can fill any empty space with smaller boxes or bags.
  6. Optimize stacking in the van as you are loading it. This will save time down the line.
  7. Skip the stress entirely and hire a full service moving company! Make sure they can work within your strict timeline.

Get Rid of Last Minute Moving Stress | Little Red Wagon Moving

If after reading this, you find your head spinning, don’t stress! As friendly movers, we want your moving process to be as easy as possible. We are a full service moving company; we can pack, load, move, and unpack you from start to finish. No need to worry about any logistics, we’ve got you covered. Being a close-knit team of Colorado Springs movers, we streamline the moving process for an ideal experience. Schedule your last minute move today!

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