How to Declutter Before Moving

How to declutter before a move with overflowing boxes in background

Home is where the heart is and where all your most important belongings are. When you begin to move and create mountains of cardboard boxes, you realize that maybe you’re also holding onto things that aren’t that important. Finding room for everything is a mission, but finding room for something you don’t want anymore is even harder. Decluttering before a move is essential to help ensure a stress-free moving experience. 

At Little Red Wagon Moving, we take pride in safely moving your belongings. Whether they are large or small, sentimental or essential, we’ll treat each item with care because we know they matter to you. As a moving company in Colorado Springs, we also realize that some things aren’t meant to be moved. Whether these items are unwanted, broken, or expired, they can quickly pile up and can begin to make your move feel overwhelming. Decluttering before moving is rarely easy, but with Little Red Wagon’s tips and tricks, you’ll become a decluttering pro in no time. 

How to Start Decluttering When Overwhelmed

Decluttering before a move can easily feel overwhelming. With so many other things to do, meticulously sorting through your belongings can feel like climbing a mountain that is made up of paperwork, old shoes, and items you don’t even remember owning. However, don’t worry! Moving is an exciting time of new beginnings, and there is no better way to step toward your new adventure than to clear out anything that may be holding you back. So, take a deep breath, put on some of your favorite music, and get ready for some decluttering fun!  

Decluttering Methods

There are plenty of decluttering techniques that all offer a way to get rid of your unwanted household items before moving. We have compiled a list of the most useful tips and tricks to help you in the process of clearing out your home. 

Give yourself time

The process of decluttering a home is something that takes time. Just like how Rome wasn’t built in a day, your things can’t be sorted through in a day either. By starting early, you can break down the decluttering process into smaller and less overwhelming steps. So if you are asking yourself when to start packing for a move, the time is now! 

Save the necessities for last.

If your move is still a while away, it’s best to hold off on decluttering the things you use every day until the move is a little closer. This way, instead of adding an extra step,  you can put them straight into a box to be moved to your new home. 

Sort by category, not room

A false tip often said while packing is to pack room by room, but that doesn’t work well for decluttering. Decluttering works best by picking a specific item and gathering all of that one item together and organizing, sorting, and decluttering from there. 

Use the box method

Gather three boxes when decluttering. One will be used to put the items you decide to keep, the second for items you want to throw away, and the last for items you want to donate. The box method simplifies the decluttering process by helping you decide what to do with all of your possessions. 

Let go of what is no longer needed

For many, it’s hard to let go of well-loved belongings, even if they’re no longer necessary. To face this difficult issue, two methods can be used in tandem. Firstly, while looking at an item, ask yourself if it brings you joy. This method, which Marie Kondo developed, proves to help decide whether or not to keep a belonging. If the answer to the question is no, then the item should go into the donate or trash box. If the answer is yes, then you would follow up with the practicality test. Ask yourself, honestly, if you will use the item. This question is usually best paired with a timeline. For example, if you haven’t used something in a year, that means it’s probably time to donate it and let it bring someone else happiness.      

How to Get Rid of Stuff Before Moving

Now that you have decluttered your belongings and set aside what you no longer need, it’s time to figure out what to do with the unwanted items in your home. The first option is to throw it away but only do so if it’s expired or broken. Make sure to also recycle when possible. If the item is still functional, then you can donate it to your local thrift store. Check the donation requirements, as not all donation centers accept larger items such as furniture. Another option is to attempt to sell the items. You can have a garage sale or use online selling options such as Facebook Marketplace and eBay.     

Declutter Your Home With Little Red Wagon Moving

Moving is an exciting time full of new beginnings. At Little Red Wagon Moving, we are a team of friendly movers who are excited to help you every step of the way during your move. Whether you need help decluttering or with any of the other steps in the moving process, we have plenty of resources that were made to assure that your move goes as smoothly as possible. As a moving company in Colorado Springs, we’ll move your belongings with compassionate, safe care because if it matters to you, then it matters to us! Contact us today to put your belongings in our trustworthy hands. 

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