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Relocating your business is never an easy task. From wrapping and packing your belongings, renting a moving truck, and setting up your business before customers arrive, there’s a lot to consider during a move. Don’t forget about all of the paperwork and personal responsibilities you have to do before your move, too. Truth is, as a business owner, it’s not just your business you are moving — it’s your life. You should never have to do it on your own.

Whether you’ve made the decision to expand or relocate, the long-distance movers at Little Red Wagon Moving have you covered. As a professional moving company in Colorado, our team is not only a licensed and insured interstate moving company, but we’re committed to providing you and your business with the best move possible. Moving across the country or across the state? Our Happy Movers can do it all. See how easy moving can be with Little Red Wagon Moving by getting a free quote today.

Our Long-Distance Moving Services

Typically, long-distance moves are over 100 miles. This is different from local moves, which are typically within 50 miles. There are two types of long-distance moves: intrastate moves and interstate moves.

Intrastate Long-Distance Moving

Intrastate long-distance moves mean you're staying in the same state. However, even intrastate moves can be stressful and require professional movers. Your belongings still need to be safely and securely packed to keep objects from breaking. Plus, you'll want professionals to do the heavy lifting when it comes to your furniture. You can have peace of mind knowing Little Red Wagon Moving will safely pack, transport, and set up your belongings without scratches, dents, or cracks.

Interstate Long-Distance Moving

Interstate long-distance moves add another level of complexity. You are moving out of state in this case. Not only are you traveling hundreds, if not thousands, of miles across state lines, but you have to file additional paperwork for your business in your new state. You'll also need to make sure your new home is set up from utilities to Wi-Fi. That's why you should leave your interstate move to the professionals. As a long-distance mover, Little Red Wagon Moving will ensure a stress-free move for your business.

Whatever type of long-distance move you’re looking for, Little Red Wagon Moving is your go-to moving company. Our team is committed to making your long-distance travels exciting and positive. We know that the right long-distance mover will make all the difference for your business. Have a successful move, open your doors sooner, and save money by choosing the Happy Movers!

What We Move

At Little Red Wagon Moving, we handle it all. That’s because we’re a full-service moving company. From loading and unloading to packing and unpacking, all you’ll need to do is tell us where to go. Plus, as a full-service mover, we can transport a variety of items no matter how large or heavy. Some items we can move for your business include:

  • Electronics, including work computers, printers, and phone equipment
  • Office chairs
  • Desks
  • Tables
  • Shelving
  • Filing cabinets
  • Bookcases
  • Storage containers

Not sure if we can move it? Contact our movers for more information! We’re more than happy to give you more information on what we can move and a free estimate.

Our Steps for Moving Long-Distance

We’ve perfected our moving process to deliver you an efficient long-distance move. We know how stressful it is to move your business, especially if you’re moving cross country. Not to mention, when you’re a business owner, time equals money. You need to move fast for the sake of your business, yourself, and your employees.

That’s why Little Red Wagon Moving has created a moving plan that allows our Happy Movers to complete your business relocation in a timely manner. Here is what to expect when working with our team:

We Create a Moving Game Plan

We’ll work closely with you to create a moving plan that aligns with your needs. Our team will also present our plans to you so you are fully aware of the moving process and understand the timeline.

We Pack Your Belongings

Our team will safely pack up your entire office building, no matter how big your space is or how many large items you have. We’ll treat all of your belongings with respect and ensure they’re packed properly and organized in our truck for transport.

We Safely Transport Your Objects

After successfully packing and loading your belongings, we’ll begin driving your items to your new office location. We’ll follow the schedule we’ve created with you to ensure everything arrives on time for your business to reopen.

We Unpack and Set Up Your Business

Once we’ve arrived at your new office location, our team will carefully but efficiently unload and unpack all of your office belongings. During this time, you’ll be able to instruct us exactly where you want all of your office furniture.

Ready to get started? Contact Little Red Wagon Moving to get a free estimate. Once you’re ready to move, we’ll create your game plan for a fast and easy move!

Long-Distance Moving Company FAQs

Little Red Wagon Moving is here to be your moving resource. Beyond offering moving tips, we’re also here to answer common questions our movers get. Thinking about moving your business long-distance? Here is what you need to know before planning your move.

Generally, long-distance moves refer to relocations of at least 100 miles.

Yes! As a full-service moving company in Colorado Springs, we are here to provide support with every aspect of your move. That includes everything from packing and unpacking your belongings to writing blogs filled with advice to help you navigate your commercial move.

We have the ability to move all of your belongings no matter how big they might be. From filing cabinets to conference room tables, we’ll make sure your items arrive at your new office location safely.

As professional movers, we recommend planning as soon in advance as possible. You want to have plenty of time to finalize all of the moving logistics.

Even though Little Red Wagon Moving is headquartered in Colorado Springs, we’re more than happy to complete your long-distance move anywhere in the country!

We understand the importance of following a financial plan while moving, which is why we provide free estimates for all interested customers. All you need to do is contact our team, and we’ll begin evaluating your long-distance move and create a rough estimate of how much your moving costs will be.

Yes! We’ll work closely with you to create a moving timeline that works with your schedule. Whether this means you need to move over a holiday weekend or you can only move on Saturday and Sunday, we’ll accommodate your needs to the best of our abilities.

At Little Red Wagon Moving, we truly care about making your moving experience as enjoyable as possible. Our team is here to answer all of your questions and provide support throughout the entire moving process. We also have the experience and resources necessary to ensure all of your belongings arrive safely and on time at your new business.

Move With Colorado's Best Long-Distance Movers

Moving a company is a stressful time. But you don’t need to do it all alone. This is an exciting time for your business, and Little Red Wagon Moving wants to make sure you’re able to enjoy it as much as possible! Our team is here to help you have an enjoyable and stress-free moving experience.

Whether you’re moving your company because you’re interested in serving a different clientele, or you want to be able to run your business while living closer to your family, the Happy Movers are here to help you have a safe and successful move! If you’re planning on a long-distance commercial move, make sure to contact our team for a free moving estimate. We look forward to working with you!

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