Moving your business to a new location is a huge decision. The moving process brings along challenges, chaos, and lots of stress, but at Little Red Wagon Moving, it is our goal to make your business’ moving experience quick, stress-free, and efficient. As commercial movers in Colorado Springs, we understand just how important it is for your relocation process to go as smoothly as possible so you can get back to your day-to-day operations. Whether your business is moving office furniture, filing cabinets, or equipment, our professional movers will streamline your move so you can get back to what matters the most: running your business.


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Our team of movers packs and labels your business’ belongings

We move and set up your belongings at your new location

Our movers create organized storage and inventory systems

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Office Relocation Checklist

Commercial Moving

At Little Red Wagon Moving, we have experience moving all types of businesses, organizations, and institutions. No matter the type of belongings your business needs to move, our expert movers are trained to move large and heavy objects with care. With our business relocation services, we form an organized plan to meet your business’ moving needs and requirements for both small and large moves. At Little Red Wagon Moving, our goal is to get your business back to normal as soon as possible.

Local and Long-Distance Moving

Little Red Wagon Moving offers both local and long-distance commercial moving services. Whether you are relocating your business across the country or across town, our movers will ensure an efficient and timely move. It is our mission to make the moving process lighthearted and stress-free. We offer a variety of services to make your move as seamless as possible. Little Red Wagon Moving is here to help you throughout the entire moving experience from start to finish.

Local Moving

At Little Red Wagon Moving, our happy movers take pride in helping businesses transition to newer and bigger spaces across Colorado Springs. We love seeing small businesses thrive in our southern Colorado community. No matter if your business has large or small assets, our professional movers will ensure a smooth transition every time.

Long Distance Moving

If your business is ready to move out of state, Little Red Wagon Moving is here to help! We take extra care when packing your belongings to ensure your property arrives at your new location undamaged. Whether we drive our moving truck one hundred miles or three hundred miles, we can tackle any sized business.

Office Relocation FAQ

Yes! Little Red Wagon Moving is a full-service moving company, which means we pack, move, and unpack your belongings from start to finish.

We operate Monday through Saturday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. We are available for your convenience!
No! There are no extra surcharges or fees if you move your office on the weekend. We understand that your business may require to move over the weekend.
Full-service moving is what we do at Little Red Wagon Moving. Our trained movers make sure all of your furniture and belongings are packed, moved, and transported as efficiently as possible.
It is best for your business to shut down during your move. Our entire process is focused on streamlining your move to minimize lost revenue.
Our professional movers will handle all of your business’ belongings with care. Heavy items and fragile items are not a problem for our happy movers.

Your move should ideally be planned months in advance before your move. However, our team is skilled in packing and unpacking in a quick and orderly fashion while keeping your belongings secure.

You will want to make sure you report a change of address for your business. This includes notifying your customers as well as the United States Postal Service, the Internal Revenue Service, and others.

We provide business relocation services for short and long-distance moves. Whether your business is moving across Colorado or across the country, Little Red Wagon Moving is here to help you!

We offer free estimates! We know that moving your business or office can cause a lot of stress, which is why we specialize in stress-free moves!

Our Service Areas

Little Red Wagon Moving operates across the southern Colorado area. We are passionate about providing stress-free and affordable moving services for businesses across the beautiful state of Colorado. Some of our local service areas include:

Experience A Stress-Free Move With Little Red Wagon Moving

As a moving company in Colorado Springs, Little Red Wagon Moving knows how much consideration you have put into the decision to relocate your business. Transporting your business’ belongings to another location is not only an immense task but moving gets in the way of running your business. When you hire Little Red Wagon Moving for local or long-distance commercial moving, we streamline your entire move to save you as much time, money, and hassle as possible. Our happy movers work with you from start to finish to ensure an efficient, timely, and stress-free move so you can get back to running your business. If you are ready to relocate your business, contact Little Red Wagon Moving for more information on our business relocation services!