Little Red Wagon Moving offers an affordable range of residential moving services in Colorado Springs. For residential moving, we will safely pack your belongings and disassemble all of your furniture. After your possessions are safely packed, our team of professionals will securely place them in a moving truck with thick moving pads for added protection. Our experienced team will handle your possessions with care from your apartment or house to your new location

At Little Red Wagon we offer a comprehensive moving service for both short and long distance moves

Our qualified team will come to your home pack your goods move them to their new location and unpack them. Our standard of care and attention to detail allows us to ensure that your goods will be safe and sound. 

Little Red Wagon offers free moving estimates. If you would like to meet with our team and experience our family friendly moving experience call or visit today!

Planning for your move can be a stressful process, so many different pieces to put in place and so little time. This is why we have developed a detailed moving checklist, as well as information on how to change your address after your move. The Short answer is yes using these tools it is smart to prepare for your move in order to make it smooth and stress free. 

Based on our moving checklist we suggest that you begin planning approximately 6 to 8 months before your move. However we realize that this is not always possible. This is why our teams are skilled in both packing and unpacking in a quick and orderly fashion all while ensuring your belongings are safe ands secure. 

Getting You to Your New Home Safely

As the best moving company in Colorado, Little Red Wagon has heard a few of the same questions throughout the years. We compiled theses as a way to better serve you in your move. We want to serve our community not only by our superior moving services but also by our resources and customer service. If you have any additional questions we would be happy to answer them and add them to our list. Call us today!