Packing Fragile Items: Everything You Need To Know

At Little Red Wagon moving, we are passionate about partnering with individuals and families throughout Colorado Springs as they embark on the exciting journey of moving into their new home. Our expert team offers a full-service moving experience which means that we will take care of your move from start to finish. That includes packing all of your belongings and safely delivering them into your new home. As the happy movers, we are dedicated to alleviating any stress that moving is known to cause and replace it with joyful moments.  

While moving into a new home is an exciting experience, the hassle of packing and moving your belongings can quickly become overwhelming. The prospect of fitting your every belonging into boxes may seem nearly impossible, especially the items that are fragile. Whether it is your china set or a framed picture, fragile items need to be protected during the moving process. As expert movers, our team has compiled our most helpful tips on how to pack your fragile items for safe travel during your move.  

1. Use Small Boxes

The first step to protecting your fragile items while moving is using the right size box. Using a box that is too large will result in your fragile item having too much room to be justled while on it’s way to your new home. Instead, pick the smallest box possible that your item will fit in. That way it will be secure and less likely to break. 

2. Wield Packing Tape Generously

Flimsy boxes can lead to your fragile items being crushed when they are placed into the moving truck. Packing tape can be used to reinforce all of the edges of your moving boxes to help them withstand large amounts of weight. You can also use packing tape to ensure the openings of your moving boxes that hold fragile items are extra secure. This will help avoid any mishaps of boxes opening when being moved.  

3. Pack Towels and Linens with Fragile Items 

A great option when packing is to set aside your linens and towels to be boxed with your fragile items. That way they can act as cushioning to protect your fragile belongings. Wrapping your breakable items in a towel or linen will save you from having to buy bubble wrap and will also let you pack twice the amount of your things as you originally would have. 

4. Save Small Items For Last

While it is normally best to only pack one fragile item per box, that is not always possible when it comes to things like dining ware. In the case of needing to put multiple delicate items in one box, make sure that you pack the largest items first and save the small item for last. This will protect your small items from being crushed under the weight of your other fragile belongings. 

5. Fill Gaps In Moving Boxes

Regardless of how perfectly a box fits your fragile item, there is bound to be some gaps left empty. Filling these empty spaces will be essential when it comes to keeping your breakable belongings safe. The less wiggle room there is, the better. You can fill the gaps using packing peanuts, paper, or like the tip mentioned above, towels or linens.

6. Label Fragile Items  

Letting those helping you move know to handle a box with care is important when it comes to transporting your fragile items. Utilizing fragile labels will help ensure that the box receives a place in the moving truck where it will not be crushed by other items or tossed around too much. 

7. Don’t Rush  

Properly packing fragile items takes time. If you are moving in a hurry, make sure to set aside extra time for boxing your fragile items to ensure that they are not damaged during the move.  

Trust Your Belongings To Little Red Wagon Moving  

If these tips for packing your fragile items have left you feeling more overwhelmed than prepared, consider partnering with Little Red Wagon Moving. As moving experts, we have plenty of experience successfully packing, moving, and unpacking fragile items of every shape and size. We will ensure that all of your belongings safely arrive at your new home without causing you any additional stress. Contact us today to learn how we can help you experience a stress-free move. 

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