Tips for Moving a Gun Safe on Your Own

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Moving a gun safe is not an easy task. Its large size and weight make it difficult to move without the assistance of professional movers who have experience moving heavy objects. If you are unable to hire professional movers to move your gun safe, follow the tips below to move your gun safe as safely as possible without professional help.

A picture of a gun safe strapped into a moving dolly slightly leaning at an angle as two men roll the gun safe into a home.

1. Safety First

You should never attempt to move a gun safe by yourself. Because the safe is large and heavy, trying to move the object on your own is extremely dangerous. It is best to have at least three friends to assist you while moving the gun safe, and it is even better if they have experience moving heavy objects.

It is also important to use proper lifting techniques and wear closed-toed shoes while moving the gun safe. Thick gloves, such as work gloves, would also be helpful to protect your hands and maintain your grip on the gun safe during the moving process.

2. Make a Plan

Because gun safes are incredibly heavy, it is very important to make a plan on how you will move the safe and where you will put it. This means figuring out the exact route of moving the safe and end location of the gun safe.

Measuring the gun safe is also vital to ensure that it will fit through doors, hallways, and tight corners while you move it to another location. Additionally, if you need to move the gun safe down or up the stairs, make sure the stairs can properly hold the weight of the safe. Some stairs cannot hold a large amount of concentrated weight, so it is important to check your stairs before moving the gun safe.

3. Clean the Safe

Once you know where the gun safe will be moved and the path you will take to move it, the next step is to clean the safe. By cleaning the gun safe, you will remove any debris that may make the gun safe slippery and harder to grip. Make sure to let the gun safe dry completely after cleaning it, too.

4. Empty the Gun Safe

Before moving the gun safe, you should remove all of the contents from inside. Because safes are already extremely heavy, it will be easier to move when it is as light as possible. Any contents that were inside the safe, like ammo, should be safely stored by the registered gun owner and any loaded guns should be unloaded and properly stored before moving the gun safe.

5. Dismantle the Safe

In order to make moving the gun safe easier, it should be as light as possible. Removing any shelves, drawers, or attachments of the safe will take off added weight; making the safe easier to move. Also, the door of the gun safe is extremely heavy. If you have the option of removing the door to the safe, you should do so in order to cut down on the weight.

6. Secure the Gun Safe

Additionally, it is a good idea to wrap the gun safe in moving blankets. Furniture blankets, or moving blankets, will protect the safe as well as your walls or other furniture that you may hit while moving the gun safe. Moving blankets will also help keep any loose parts secure and provide padding.

Keep in mind that blankets can be hard to grip. You may want to leave some areas of the gun safe unwrapped so you can properly grip the safe while moving it. Work gloves may also be an option to help with gripping the gun safe. 

7. Get the Right Equipment

A gun safe weighs hundreds of pounds, so it is impossible and highly dangerous to try to pick up the safe. Doing so can severely hurt you and damage other furniture in your house. Therefore, it is necessary to have the proper equipment to move the object. For example, you can use a furniture dolly that is able to hold the weight of your gun safe or a hand truck. If you will be moving the safe up or down stairs, a stair dolly is also necessary to ensure that you are safe while moving the object.

Additionally, you should protect your floors by putting down a roll out mat, blankets, or any type of cushion. The goal is to prevent the floor from being scratched by the gun safe during the moving process.

A picture of a black gun safe strapped in and sitting on top of a red moving dolly inside a home.

Professional Gun Safe Movers in Colorado Springs | Little Red Wagon Moving

Moving a gun safe is a challenging and dangerous task, which is why it is better to hire professional movers who have experience moving heavy objects to do the task for you. If you cannot hire movers, then you want to make sure you are as safe as possible when moving the safe, and these tips are a good starting point for what to keep in mind when moving a gun safe. At Little Red Wagon Moving, our professionals streamline the moving process. As moving experts, our team has lots of experience safely moving heavy items of every size and shape. If you require the assistance of a professional moving company in Colorado Springs, contact Little Red Wagon Moving today to learn how we can help you experience a stress-free move.

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